Who we are


Mariano Cardenas s.l was founded in 1987 to give response to a professional lighting need of the cinema and tv productions. Also to lighting all tupe of events. In the forthcoming years we increased our portfolio of services, including transport and gennies. Since then, our goal has been to keep offering excellent quality services, by integrating all the aspects required by the sector and giving a global response to the lighting needs, including one of the best camera cars in Europe.

Our Team


Our main value is our technical team. Our technitians receive an holistic training inhouse: starting with warehause experience and moving later to first hand experience in shootings, films, events and spots. Collaborative spirit, availability, and committment with high quality standard services, togethers with high skilled technical competences, makes our team one of the best in the market.. This is reflected in the confidence and loyalty shown by our clients during all these years. We are willing to help you with your projects.

We are going to transform the the darkness

Contact and and discover the MC group world. We will be delighted to help you.